Top 25 blogs you should submit your music to in 2022

by bliiinkteam

July 09, 2022

As a musician, you want your music to do rounds and establish your brand. Blogs should be one of your go-to publishing platforms. However, you are simply bluffing if you submit your music without a clear strategy as to why you chose one blog over another. It is necessary to research when submitting your music to blogs since not all blogs will serve your needs. A good blog should be keen on content packaging and should be able to reach the masses. Using this analogy, we have conducted our research to select a list of the top 25 blogs you should submit your music in 2022.

Wolf in a Suit

Wolf in a Suit is a popular Indie music blog accepting music from across the world. The blog incorporates interviews, reviews, articles, and videos in the format of acoustic sessions, days in the life, video interviews, and music video releases. 

Official Website-Wolf in a Suit

Neon Music

Neon music describes its approach toward music blogging as passion-driven. The hashtag #musicisourreligion suffices since their writers have a true passion for music. It is a UK-based blog that focuses primarily on upcoming musicians and bands with great potential in every genre.

Official Website-Neon Music – Digital Music Discovery & Showcase Platform


Alfitude is a multi-genre globally recognized music blog pace-setter since 2010. The blog employs a minimalistic approach to music blogging and gives more attention to your visuals and sound. Alfitude collaborates with some of the most influential record labels & publishing labels globally. 

Official Website-Alfitude – Discover New Music & Unsigned Talent


Tinnitist is based in Canada and offers artists an opportunity to reach massive audiences through music reviews.  

Official Website-Tinnitist | Hearing Things 24 / 7 / 365


Stereofox is a music blog structured around music reviews and shares great Spotify playlists. The blog offers its users an opportunity to discover new upcoming artists and allows them to create their playlists. 

Official Website-Stereofox Music Blog – discover new music

Pillar Artists

Pillar Artists is an independent online music label in the UK that offers a platform for music blogs, distribution, bookings, and management services. 

Official Website-Blog – Pillar Artists

Plastic Magazine

Plastic Magazine accepts music of all genres on its platform. The blog promotes music by covering artist interviews and offers various blog categories such as features, premiers, and reviews.  

Official Website-Plastic Magazine – New Music Now

Honk Magazine

Honk Magazine is an online entertainment magazine based in America and offers an opportunity to promote your music through its music blogs and news. 

Official Website-Honk Magazine | Celebrity, Hollywood, Entertainment News

Pop Passion

Pop Passion is one of the most recent music blogs founded by Kaitlyn Nicole in 2021. The blog is 100% focused on providing opportunities for musicians worldwide through their reviews, interviews, and playlists.

Official Website-Submit Your Music | Pop Passion Blog

The Hollywood Six

The Hollywood Six is a popular music blog with massive blog stats in France, Germany, the United States, Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Australia, and Italy. The Hollywood Six provides a platform for new music and reaches a broad audience.

Official Website-The Hollywood Six – 1111CR3W© #1 Source of fresh music! (

Music on the Rox

Music on the Rox is a media review and promotion company that offers an online blogging platform for all genres of music through news and reviews. The company has a reputation due to its collaborations with major record labels like Sony Music and well-known musicians.

Official Website-Music on The Rox

Roadie Music 

Roadie Music is a music blog site that offers a platform for new music videos, singles, album reviews, news, and articles. 

Official Website-Roadie Music – Worldwide Music News (

Rambling Man’s Reviews

Rambling Man’s Reviews covers news and reviews for contemporary and classic rock. They tend to review both old and new upcoming artists.

Official Website-Rambling Man’s Reviews (

Motion News

Motion News is a news blog based in Italy and covers news from across the globe. The blog accepts music of all genres for review in the entertainment section. 

Official Website-MotionNews | Daily News Report | Mp3 Download, World News, Free Song

Music Arena

Music Arena is an award-winning News and Media Company in the UK and Ghana. The blog avails a multi-genre platform for song reviews, interviews, news, videos, and playlists. 

Official Website-Clash Of The Titans | Music Arena Gh


LaCaverna.Net is an online music blog providing artists a platform to market their content through podcasts, videos, news, and playlists. 

Official Website-La Caverna – El sitio de la música independiente is an online music blog that focuses on HIP HOP, ROCK, EDM, LATIN, POP, and R&B. The blog promotes major and independent artists through blog reviews, news, and interviews.

Official Website-

Rhythm Passport

Rhythm Passport is a music blog that serves as a platform for album reviews, playlists, and event listings.

Official Website-Rhythm Passport | Music… it means the world to us

EDM Reviewer

EDM Reviewer is a music blog site focused on reviewing electronic dance music since 2015. 

Official Website-EDM Reviewer

Pink Wafer

Pink Wafer is interesting as they review your music indirectly in their articles. The blog is likely to reach more people because of its commercial captions.

Official Website-Music Blog & Magazine | PINK WAFER

Spotlight Blog

Spotlight Blog is a multi-genre music blog that reviews albums, highlights concert updates, and promotes new releases through rotation. 

Official Website-Music promotion Agency Spotlight blog Marc_Spotlight United States (


Inspot is a music blog that offers a platform for emerging artists on Spotify to showcase their music. 

Official Website-InspotMusic – Everything in one spot | Your favourite music

Zone Nights

Zone Nights is a music blog started in 2009 and based in Argentina. Zone Nights is 100% focused on good independent musicians. 

Official Website-Zone Nights

Illustrate Magazine

Illustrate Magazine is a multi-genre music blog covering pop, global alternative, experimental and underground music. It is a US-based music blog interested in the past, present, and future.

Official Website-Illustrate Magazine | The Independent Music Magazine

Midsummer Madness

Midsummer Madness is a Portuguese blog magazine started in 1989. Besides blogging, Midsummer will recommend your music through playlists.

Official Website-midsummer madness


All the listed music blogs are unique and have qualities essential to your growth as an artist. However, researching and reaching those best suited to you can be tedious and difficult. It is not just time-consuming but equally challenging for the blogs due to the number of artist submissions.

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