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Bliiink Music is a community of artists, influencers, and music lovers who connect with the power of fresh music. We bring opportunities for upcoming talented artists while supporting the creative needs of our influencers.

We are committed to providing a spotlight to the emerging talents of the music industry by sharing their work with our network of top-notch influencers. We work with Artists and Curators to create and promote their music that will win the hearts of users.

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A web3 music accelerator and curated streaming platform.


Do you want the world to listen to your music?

Join Bliiink & be a musician that stands out from the crowd! We provide you with assured feedback from leading music experts that will drive reach and plays onto your music. Our featured songs get thousands to million plays and receive the acknowledgement it deserves.


Become a Bliiink influencer & get the Music You Want!

Spot the artist and help to shape the future of music. Bliink is the source for fresh music covering almost all the trending genres from emerging artists. Here you have a chance to showcase your expertise in music with your target audience.

Music Lovers

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From popular tracks to new music to debut album that spans the entire spectrum of musical genres We discover the most promising and emerging artists every day so that you get to listen to trending music and cheer yourself up musically.

Some benefits of joining Bliiink.

We use gamification mechanics

On Bliiink, we leverage our network using gamification mechanics where fans can win rewards to drive exposure to artists and increase levels of engagement.

Social media shout outs and Blog spotlight

We Promote artists music on our social media pages and write articles to spotlight their work.

Cut out time wasting

You no longer need to pay for dead contacts and send tons of unending emails with little or no response. On Bliiink, you can get in touch with music professionals with a few clicks.

Access to tastemakers and influencers that matter

Artists have direct access to tastemakers and influencers to drive exposure. Artists upload their music and reach out to a choice of tastemakers or influencers for feedback and a shout-out across popular social media platforms.

Avoid bad actors

Tastemakers do not need to worry about falling into that category of bad actors that practice Payola. Tastemakers have a choice to accept or decline an artist's music. Importantly you get paid for your contribution to building an ethical environment for music development.

Earn from Streaming on Bliiink

Bliiink is dedicated to helping artists push the limits of their earnings potential from streaming, providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

Trusted Tastemakers

Chris Riquez
Social media influencer
Theophilus Gokana
Content Creator/Choreographer
Sunny Jay
Rafaelle Tala
Zumba Pro Dancer/choreographer
Afro Champ
Choreographer | Dance instructor
Edgar Allen
The Poets are two rock noir artists inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe
Canada's most-followed music critic.
Renowned independent UK music discovery publication.
Music reviewing squirrel
Music Enthusiasts with great reviews
Sound Best
Sound Best is an Artist Management - Record Company
Pop Passion is all the latest for new, rising, and established artists
Stereofox is a collective of creative people who love music

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