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May 04, 2023
How to Promote, Grow, Trend, and Monetize Your Music on TikTok: The Ultimate Guide for Musicians

TikTok is more than just a short-form video app. It is a powerful platform for musicians who want to showcase their talent, grow their fanbase, and monetize their music. Whether you are a singer, rapper, producer, DJ, or instrumentalist, you can use TikTok to reach millions of potential fans and make a name for yourself […]

April 11, 2023
Discovering the Art of Music: Understanding the Beat vs Rhythm Debate

As a musician, there are two primary elements of music that you must understand to create great music: beat and rhythm. While many people use the terms beat and rhythm interchangeably, they are two different concepts that have a significant impact on the overall sound of music. In this article, I will help you understand […]

April 11, 2023
How to Find the Best Music Review Sites for Your Taste and Style

Music is a universal language that can connect people from different backgrounds, cultures, and preferences. But with so many genres, artists, and songs to choose from, how do you find the music that suits your taste and style? One way is to read music reviews from reputable sources that can help you discover new sounds, […]

April 05, 2023
How to Record and Produce Music at Home

Recording and producing music at home has never been easier. With technological advancements, affordable equipment, and a plethora of online resources available, creating professional-quality music at home is no longer a pipe dream. In this article, we will explore the basics of recording and producing music at home. Firstly, let’s start with the basics of […]

April 05, 2023
How to Rock Email Marketing for Musicians: A Complete Guide

Learn how to rock email marketing for musicians with this complete guide. Discover how to build your fan base, promote your music, and sell more merch with email.

April 05, 2023
Google-friendly Artist Name Tips

Are you sick of scrolling through endless pages of search engine results to find tips on how to make your favourite artist more visible online? Look no further than our expert guide on Google-friendly artist name tips. In a world where the internet reigns supreme, it’s more important than ever for musicians to master the […]

April 05, 2023
The Best Hashtags for Music Artists and Bands 2023

As a music artist or band, getting your music out to the world is no easy feat. With so many artists trying to get noticed, it’s important to use every tool you have to get your work out there. One such tool is the humble hashtag. Hashtags can help you reach new fans, increase your […]

April 03, 2023
12 trends that are shaping the music industry in 2023

Let’s dive into the trends shaping the music industry in 2023! The music industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. Being a talented musician or having a hit song isn’t enough to make it in the music industry today. To succeed, you need to have a “Be Somebody” mindset. The “Be Somebody” mindset means […]

April 01, 2023
Mastering the Future of Music Production: Breakthroughs, Challenges, and Strategies You Need to Know

The Latest Breakthroughs in Music Production Software and Hardware Music production has come a long way since the days of analog recording equipment and physical mixing consoles. Today, producers and engineers have access to a wide range of software and hardware tools that let them create and shape sound in ways that were once unimaginable. […]

March 21, 2023
How to find your own sound of music and stand out in a crowded industry

Let’s be real here: the music industry is a cutthroat business. There are so many talented artists out there, all vying for a spot in the limelight. And with the advent of technology, it’s easier than ever for anyone to make and distribute music. So, what does this mean for you as a musician? It […]

March 19, 2023
Harness the Power of a Killer Electronic Press Kit for Your Band’s Success

In the music industry, it’s not just about creating great music. It’s about standing out from the crowd, getting noticed by the right people, and ultimately, achieving success. One way to do this is by creating a killer electronic press kit (EPK). A well-crafted EPK can open doors to opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available […]

March 18, 2023
Unleashing the Hidden Goldmine: How to Profit from the Music Industry Without Ever Making Music!

Are you a music lover looking to make money from the industry? Or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur searching for new investment opportunities? The music industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with numerous ways to profit without creating music. In this article, we will explore the hidden goldmine of opportunities in the music industry, including some […]

March 08, 2023
10 Best Music Social Media Marketing Strategies to use in 2023

Are you tired of hearing crickets chirping on your social media pages? Do you want to increase the volume of your online presence to reach a larger audience? Well, you’re in luck today because we’re diving into the exciting world of social media marketing for music! With the rise of digital technology, social media has […]

March 01, 2023
Unlock Your Music Success: A Guide to Building a Fanbase in 2023

Are you looking to unlock your music success in 2023? Maybe you want to increase your fanbase or gain more recognition for your hard work. Whatever your goal is, you’ve come to the right place. This guide to building a fanbase in 2023 will provide you with the tools and resources you need to reach […]

February 24, 2023
Unlock the Power of Referrals for Independent Music Promotions

Music promotion is a competitive field, and independent musicians must find innovative ways to make their music stand out. One of the best ways to do this is to use referral networks to reach out to potential listeners, fans, and promoters. Referrals provide an easy and cost-effective way to promote music and can open up […]

February 18, 2023
Uncovering Millennial Music Discovery Through Streaming Services!

Millennials are the most connected generation in history, and their music consumption habits are no exception. In recent years, the rise of streaming services has revolutionized how millennials discover music. From creating personalized playlists to leveraging social media to find new artists, streaming services have opened up a world of opportunities for millennials to explore […]

February 11, 2023
12 Engaging Content Ideas For Musicians On Social Media

As a musician, having a strong online presence is very important. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have become essential tools for promoting your music, connecting with fans, and building a loyal following. But with so many musicians vying for attention on social media, it can be challenging to stand out and create […]

February 02, 2023
Ways to Make Money in The Music Industry

The music industry is a vast and ever-changing landscape with many opportunities for musicians to make a living. Here are 15 ways that musicians can earn money in the industry: These are just a few of the many ways that musicians can earn money in the industry. With hard work, creativity, and determination, the possibilities […]

January 05, 2023
Music, Meet Gaming

Music and gaming have gone hand in hand since the onset of video games. Who could forget composer Kojo Kondo’s instantly recognisable soundtracks for mid-1980s games like Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda? Or go back even further to 1978 when Tomohiro Nishikado composed the original soundtrack for Space Invaders. The music created […]

November 24, 2022
How To Discover New Music in 2022

Ways to discover new music are few today because of the need to churn out popular music by music curators. So although you can find new music on popular playlists, the prospects of discovering new music are limited. It is maybe due to a tiny handful of current artists having a stranglehold on the charts […]

October 03, 2022
The Importance of Small Venues

With the general public starting to make their way back to their favourite venues once again to enjoy concerts, plays, and stand-up gigs, small venues need their support more than ever. And not just financially. First, let’s get the obvious thing out of the way. The pandemic single-handedly broke the events industry, with various aftershocks […]

September 01, 2022
How to Become a Curator and Get Paid to Listen to Music

Listening to music is relaxing and entertaining. However, do you know you could earn an income grooving to your favorite song?  While music is fun, it also provides health benefits, including reducing anxiety, improving your mood, and boosting your energy levels, among other things. A music curator is responsible for taking songs and using them […]

August 18, 2022
Take Risks To Discover New Music

Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you discovered new music by yourself? When I say ‘by yourself’ I mean you didn’t get it recommended to you by a friend or just happened to hear it from a movie soundtrack or TV show. I mean a time you purposely went in […]

July 10, 2022
How to accelerate your music career

The bad news is that building a successful music career can take a long, long time. Artists may dream of a big label’s A&R spotting and signing them up on the spot or airplay that kickstarts sales and chart success, but the reality is far more mundane: behind every success story are years of hard work.

July 09, 2022
Top 25 blogs you should submit your music to in 2022

As a musician, you want your music to do rounds and establish your brand. Blogs should be one of your go-to publishing platforms. However, you are simply bluffing if you submit your music without a clear strategy as to why you chose one blog over another.

July 08, 2022
Why Music Blogs Are Still Relevant

A blog (weblog), by definition, is a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or small group written in an informal or conversational style.

May 19, 2022
Why Spotify Isn’t Always the Answer

So, you’re an up-and-coming musician with something to say, and you want both your voice and music to be heard by the masses. What’s your first step?

April 05, 2022
Why Bliiink is Essential for the music industry

Exposure can be good, and musicians do need it. However, you have to do it right. Just adding your music on popular streaming platforms hoping for the best does not cut it.

April 05, 2022
Bliiink; Music and So Much More

Nobody anticipated the business of music taking on another dimension as it has now. In the past, musicians depended squarely on royalties from

April 05, 2022
What is A DAO, and how can it help revolutionise the Music Industry

The evolution of music has taken a new dimension. Especially with technology becoming more and more critical in deciding the path it should go.

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