How To Discover New Music in 2022

by bliiinkteam

November 24, 2022

Ways to discover new music are few today because of the need to churn out popular music by music curators. So although you can find new music on popular playlists, the prospects of discovering new music are limited. It is maybe due to a tiny handful of current artists having a stranglehold on the charts – despite the statistic that says 60,000 new tracks a day uploaded to just one streaming service alone.

It is not an issue that wholly lies with the curators but with the streaming services. And the lack of incentives for fans to share music is possibly a contributing factor.

Most streaming services have stagnated the discovery of new music using algorithmic patterns that make it more convenient to consume their offerings. While the algorithms have been successful, it does not equate to the human factor that is diverse and unpredictable. How can they possibly weigh preference for similarity versus diversity? After all, machines cannot feel emotions. 

Using a limited set of chosen representatives (gatekeepers) that benefit from the flawed and existing system is also not ideal. 

It is worth mentioning that around half of the album chart is made up of the greatest hits collections of a small clique of heritage acts that presents the public with infinite options, but narrows taste.

So, what can we do as listeners to go above and beyond in finding that next gem? The simple answer is to dive into a system different from the popular streaming services. Bliiink is a streaming service that relies on human interaction, feelings, and expertise. Its mission is to enhance the discovery of new music based on a meritocratic ideology using existing methods. 

  • Dive into Music Blogs.
  • Share Music with Friends.
  • Listen, give Feedback, and Earn

Bliiink has put together a relevant list of curators, such as blogs, influencers, and playlist curators passionate about music. It also gives music lovers, in general, the opportunity to help drive engagement and discovery to get paid with the Bliiink referral program.

We believe harnessing the individual act of every music lover will have a real impact globally.

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