by bliiinkteam

December 02, 2022

Nigerian Afro-hiphop artist Hopingo drops his new track Fast Gas, blending the sounds of two different nations together, Nigeria and South Africa. It has been an enlightening journey for this young creative, who started his foray into the music industry as a bass guitar player in 2011, before venturing into music production, and then in 2020, he started recording officially. And to date, it is not far-fetched to say his endeavors feel predefined, call it destiny if you wish. His artist’s name is coined from his name Hope. He says, “Hopingo is a name that matches my identity. It is a combination of all my talents as a creative.”

Fast Gas is a fast-paced song featuring a rhythmic beat, catchy melody, and smooth vocals. Hopingo describes his new single as “a song that is spurred out of creativity.” Fast Gas “talks about love, vibe, and access to the good things of life.” The song features the richness of Amapiano, a genre that has exploded onto the music scene over the past few years with its energy and feel-good vibes. However, you cannot deny the strong presence of the Afrobeats vibe on the track. 

Hopingo’s Nigerian heritage inspires his music – he says, “The African culture is rich, and Nigeria has some of the best instruments when it comes to music, and these have influenced the way I make music.”

What’s next for this talented artist? Hopingo is currently working on his new EP which we look forward to hearing.

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