Why Bliiink is Essential for the music industry

by bliiinkteam

April 05, 2022

Exposure can be good, and musicians do need it. However, you have to do it right. Just adding your music on popular streaming platforms hoping for the best does not cut it. Especially not on music streaming companies that are over-saturated with content. Not to mention stuck in the past with questionable business practices.

A business model with the idea of giving away your product to another company that then keeps all the money that your product generates is not the right way. And so far, it has not panned out very well for musicians or content creators in general. Users and fans are also left out like their contribution does not matter.

So it’s high time to join a platform like Bliiink that ticks all the right boxes for musicians, influencers, and fans alike.

Bliiink fulfills essential points necessary and lacking in the industry, such as the priority spotlight, transparency, and fair remuneration on all those that add value to the industry.

On Bliiink, artists control their profiles, creating and uploading their songs at their convenience. 

Fans receive incentives to discover new music, giving them a share of the industry. And they can directly support their favorite artists.

Artists receive a fairer share from the streaming subscription model proven to work.

On top of this, Bliiink has compiled a relevant and authentic database of influencers on the platform musicians can directly access to promote their music. 

All these, coupled with a fair system of governance using blockchain, make Bliiink the ideal launchpad for musicians.

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