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by bliiinkteam

April 05, 2022

Nobody anticipated the business of music taking on another dimension as it has now. In the past, musicians depended squarely on royalties from public usage of song artworks, proceeds from sign-on deals with record labels, money from record label companies and distribution agents for records sold, and most importantly, money gained from gate fees for shows or other gigs.

Music has changed thanks to technology and the social media phenomenon. Opportunities for all shades of artists have broadened. Unlike the past, when artists depended on these big record labels to be successful, now social media, technology, and music streaming have changed all that.

Nowadays, even from the comfort of your bedroom, you can cook up a beat and some nice hooks and become the next big thing. 

The song Amenor (remix) by Goya Menor and Nektunez was streamed more than 5 million times on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. Unfortunately, due to the technicalities of the artist’s agreement with Spotify, the song had to be removed.

Technology and music have always lived side by side and worked well together. Especially when you consider instruments used to produce music came from the ingenuity and desire to please with soothing sounds and great melodies to fine-tune the mood of their listeners.

The speed at which music changed and became a profession is astonishing. People, regardless of age, wanting to become actively involved started when the internet and eventually social media became part of our everyday lives.The advent of music streaming i.e. internet-based services that allow users to play songs live without storing them on computers or mobile devices, has now taken a prominent role as an income generation avenue for musicians. Before then, it was all about the Universal Music record label, Interscope, the Motown record label, and a few others.

Even now, social media applications such as TikTok, YouTube, have changed the game and encouraged more content providers to sign up on as many music streaming applications as possible.

Although music streaming has opened the doors to many established and upcoming artists and content creators, challenges persist that revolve around issues of fairness and transparency. For example, the removal of the song, Amenor remix by Goya Menor and Nektunez from Spotify should not have happened regardless of whether a certain number of streams were reached or not.

We all know that the current architecture benefits music streaming, record label companies, and, to a lesser extent, artists, but no one has considered how this arrangement benefits fans.

The different music streaming companies have their respective pay policies on streams and downloads.

However, none of these companies designed their models with a comprehensive view of the entire music ecosystem in mind. We refer to a streaming system that values fan input and their perspective in deciding who they choose to support.

We do not believe in reinventing the wheel on Bliiink, but taking an idea that works (streaming & Social network) and redesigning it to offer a fair deal for the music companies and their catalog of music or discography, the music artists, content creators, and the fans.

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