What is A DAO, and how can it help revolutionise the Music Industry

by bliiinkteam

April 05, 2022

The evolution of music has taken a new dimension. Especially with technology becoming more and more critical in deciding the path it should go. From the earliest form of technology seen in the 19th century to what it has become today, technology will continue to dictate the growth of music and our society in general.

You may or may not have heard of DAOs. However, even if you haven’t heard of a DAO, you surely would have heard of Blockchain technology. A technology that is currently revolutionizing financial transactions. It has given us Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Shiba Inu, and many other cryptocurrencies. 

What is a DAO? 

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, a decentralized organization that uses blockchain technology to empower a community of like minds over affairs that promote and protect their collective interest. There is no central authority making the rules in the DAO architectural framework and passing instructions down to members. Decision-making is from the bottom to the top.

The DAO is an example of a democratic society with no hierarchical system of governance or management. The decision-making is vested in the collective will-power of the group.

DAO comes with benefits for businesses and individuals. After in-depth research and development, we saw it necessary to create a music platform that not only connects the fans to artists but one that provides equal opportunity for wealth creation for all those that add value to the community.

The Bliiink token is the official but not the limited medium of exchange or means of payment on the network.

Bliiink platform requires artists and fans to ensure active participation by providing as much content on their music, activities, and involvement in bounty marketing to build a community of members who have a vested interest in a project. The goal of a DAO is to eliminate exploitative tendencies, and bottlenecks, thereby giving more flexibility and control to the community.

How does Bliink intend to revolutionize the music industry using the DAO system?

Bliiink is a new web3 music streaming platform that operates as a DAO, incorporating a democratic system that promotes artists-fans engagement using the Bliiink Digital Token (Blnk) as a connecting instrument or medium of exchange. Bliink is not just like any other music-sharing platform. We believe in building from the ground up a well-thought-out strategy for a viable long-term business model with the artists and fans at its core, controlling the direction and growth. 

Bliiink intends to allow a community of music lovers an opportunity to influence the music orientation and landscape, opening up borders and monetization opportunities. 

Artists and content providers on the Bliiink platform will gain exposure to an ever-growing community of fans who reside in different parts of the world.

In Bliiink, promoting non-music or creative content of participants in such a way that it attracts money is one of the ways the company hopes to reward artists and fans alike. 

One of the primary goals of Bliiink is to tackle issues of fair payment and discovery within the music industry.

The native Bliiink token can be used in different ways on the platform, from buying promotional services and subscriptions, entering into competitions, or tipping creators and staking to earn even more Bliiink tokens.

Artists are allowed the freedom to experiment with their creativity and test their acceptability on the platform. At Bliink, we believe that this will allow easier entry into the music industry. After all, we are in an era of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Why don’t you sign-up and let Bliiink take you to another level?

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